God’s kingdom, which includes heaven, earth, and all inhabitants


Guardian; protector


A Skykeeper abides by the mission to serve God’s kingdom.

A Skykeeper observes 7 virtues. These inform a Skykeeper’s every thought, word and deed.


The Skykeeper’s 7 Virtues

BENEVOLENCE: Kindness unto others; the disposition to do good; selflessness

DIVINITY: Godliness; of or like God; coming from God; the kingdom of God within

FAITH: Allegiance to God; entrusting God with the unmanageable

FORTITUDE: Strength in four manifestations:

+ Courage for fear

+ Mercy for the transgressor

+ Patience for vexation

+ Perseverance for adversity

LUCIDITY: Divine wisdom; clarity of vision

PROVIDENCE: Stewardship of God’s kingdom; providing for the future

PURITY: Freedom from sin; cleanliness; detachment from mundanity

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