Herb Alpert: the ember that sparked the flame.

A smoldering rendition of “Lady in My Life” by the virtuoso trumpeter and A&M Records co-founder piqued our curiosity. What other artists have breathed fresh life into the works of Michael Jackson?

Combing the offerings at Amazon.com, Rhapsody and Imeem, we became impressed by the vast quantity of Michael Jackson covers, remixes and tributes, and by the amplitude that they encompass. From acoustic to Zulu and all points in between, Mr. Jackson’s influence has seemingly touched every guidepost along the music spectrum.

Rather than keep these gems to ourselves, we felt it worthwhile to share our findings with music enthusiasts in cyberspace.

Fans of Mr. Jackson should delight in classics like “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” cast in a new light. Those less enthused about our eponymous subject should still enjoy the twists on the familiar as well as the chance to meet musicians, vocalists and DJs that they may have previously overlooked.

For your consideration, the Skykeepers Network proudly presents…The Michael Jackson Music Experiment.

Click here to visit The Michael Jackson Music Experiment.

2 thoughts on “MJME

  1. Hello! Thank you very much! I am proud to be part of that,thank’s agine! I knaw that today and for ever time everyone,every little girl,boy,mama,dady,grandmather and grandfather…everyone …knaw and sing MJ’s songs. I beleve that when people listen and sing MJ’s songs they are a happy! MJ’s songs will “Heal the world”! Much love! Alex

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