Stripped To The Bone: “Give In To Me” & danzadordejardin

Madrid Spain’s danzadordejardin strips the rocker from DANGEROUS to its bare essentials, creating a haunting arrangement on the ivories.

To enjoy more music from danzadordejardin, please visit his YouTube channel.


From Bulgaria With Love: “Liberian Girl” & NoFeaRInc

From Bulgaria with love! The multifaceted and classically trained Mario, aka NoFeaRInc, paints a beautiful and lush musical canvas in tones of G.

To enjoy more music from NoFeaRInc, please visit his YouTube channel.

The Real McCoy: “ABC” & Jordan McCoy

The votes are unanimous! The sensational Jordan delivers the real McCoy with an energetic, crowd-pleasing performance of the Jackson 5 tune.

Taped for the music-talent competition AMERICAN JUNIORS.

SUMMARY: Playlist 4

Welcome to Playlist Four of The Michael Jackson Music Experiment.

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SCOOL  – “Workin’ Day and Night”
Class is now in session! The band from Istanbul kick-starts Playlist 4 of The Michael Jackson Music Experiment with a taut lesson in funk and groove!

WINGS – “Girlfriend”
A breezy original by the former Beatle and Jackson collaborator.

Saddle up, pardner! We’re rounding up ghosts and goblins in the Old West!

50 CENT & BRIGGSY – “Smooth Criminal in Da Club”
The Moonwalker meets one of rap’s preeminent MCs.

MARION PHAROAH TAITE – “Dear Michael Jackson”
Heartfelt and original dedication to the King of Pop, courtesy of the Fort Worth, USA, singer, composer and producer.

Pint-sized performers bring big-time talent to the Jackson 5 classic.

B4U – “Give In to Me”
Rugged, hard-edged rock from the Spain-based quartet.

Stallion spirit stands proud with this rendition from Kansas City, USA.

PRO_C  – “Scream”  (Pro_C Remix)
U.K. mixmaster reworks HISTORY’s lead single into a delicious slice of dance-club fury.

TAYLOR BAGGOTT  – “Billie Jean”
We stroll homeward in the company of an amazing gospel-and-blues arrangement.

SUMMARY: Playlist 3

Welcome to Playlist Three of The Michael Jackson Music Experiment.

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INPULSE – “The Way You Make Me Feel”
Look, ma, no instruments! Beatboxing and a cappella stylings warm up the latest installment of the Michael Jackson Music Experiment.

C+C MUSIC FACTORY – “Share That Beat of Love”
A line from Mr. Jackson’s “Rock With You” looped into the Clivillés and Cole hit machine produces soulful, disco-flavored magic.

KORN & AGGRO1 – “Y’all Want a Bad Single”
Metal’s namesake for the harvest-day grain tangles with Mr. Jackson on the mean streets of MySpace!

DAVID BENOIT – “Never Can Say Goodbye”
Cool and sophistication by the Grammy-nominated pianist and composer.

An0iNt3d – “They Don’t Care About Us”
Hip-hoppers for the Lord impart a vigorous affirmation of spirituality.

CRESCENDO – “She’s Out of My Life”
A sweet, harmonic interlude from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

Headliners of 2009’s Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour deliver a fresh brand of punk-influenced rock.

VON YOUNG, aka SOULSTORM – “Human Nature”
The guitar-metal specialist takes a road less traveled on this cool and breezy detour.

(The Clivilles and Cole Radio Mix)
The architects of the C+C Music Factory add dance-floor delirium to this anthem of racial unity.

We glide into the horizon on vocals from Mr. Jackson’s big sister.

Visual Art: Andy Warhol (Playlist 3)

On March 19, 1984, Time magazine featured on its cover an oil-on-silkscreen portrait of Mr. Jackson.

The portrait’s author: renowned American pop artist Andy Warhol.

Time subsequently donated the artwork to the Smithonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. The Gallery most recently displayed Mr. Jackson’s likeness in its exhibit A Brush with History, highlighting individuals “who have made significant contributions to the history and development of the United States.”

To learn more about Mr. Warhol, click here.

To read the March 19, 1984, Time feature on Mr. Jackson, click here.

Sunkissed: “Human Nature” performed by Sunnydeux

Like spring sunshine, Sunnydeux’s song washes over our hearts, infusing our souls with warmth and abundance.

To listen to more music from Sunnydeux, please visit her YouTube Channel.