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BENEVOLENCE: Music for Relief

From day one, we envisioned The Michael Jackson Music Experiment (MJME) and our future entertainment undertakings not as ends unto themselves but as vehicles to serve the world in need. That vision has taken a small step toward actualization.

With assistance from American telecommunications giant Sprint Nextel, The Skykeepers Network/MJME and will raise money on behalf of Music for Relief. This nonprofit organization assists individuals affected adversely by natural disasters such as 2008’s Hurricanes Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike. In the span of less than 30 days, this quartet unleashed havoc upon the island nation of Haiti, as documented in this clip from Al Jazeera English.

Phoenix, bassist for music band Linkin Park and co-founder of Music for Relief, describes how the 2009 initiative between his organization and will help those Haitians ravaged by the storms.

Although the materialism encouraged by commercial advertising contravenes the spiritual values that we hold dear, we also feel it foolhardy to shun a mighty financial muscle like Sprint Nextel that can be harnessed for a greater good. Thus, if allowing our corporate partner a modicum of space on our site will shelter a displaced family or feed a soul crying out in hunger, be it in Haiti or elsewhere, we will happily and unrepentantly oblige.

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