The Michael Jackson Music Experiment

SUMMARY: Playlist 4

Welcome to Playlist Four of The Michael Jackson Music Experiment.

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SCOOL  – “Workin’ Day and Night”
Class is now in session! The band from Istanbul kick-starts Playlist 4 of The Michael Jackson Music Experiment with a taut lesson in funk and groove!

WINGS – “Girlfriend”
A breezy original by the former Beatle and Jackson collaborator.

Saddle up, pardner! We’re rounding up ghosts and goblins in the Old West!

50 CENT & BRIGGSY – “Smooth Criminal in Da Club”
The Moonwalker meets one of rap’s preeminent MCs.

MARION PHAROAH TAITE – “Dear Michael Jackson”
Heartfelt and original dedication to the King of Pop, courtesy of the Fort Worth, USA, singer, composer and producer.

Pint-sized performers bring big-time talent to the Jackson 5 classic.

B4U – “Give In to Me”
Rugged, hard-edged rock from the Spain-based quartet.

Stallion spirit stands proud with this rendition from Kansas City, USA.

PRO_C  – “Scream”  (Pro_C Remix)
U.K. mixmaster reworks HISTORY’s lead single into a delicious slice of dance-club fury.

TAYLOR BAGGOTT  – “Billie Jean”
We stroll homeward in the company of an amazing gospel-and-blues arrangement.

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