The Michael Jackson Music Experiment

SUMMARY: Playlist 3

Welcome to Playlist Three of The Michael Jackson Music Experiment.

Click here to open our MySpace music player and listen to the playlist.


INPULSE – “The Way You Make Me Feel”
Look, ma, no instruments! Beatboxing and a cappella stylings warm up the latest installment of the Michael Jackson Music Experiment.

C+C MUSIC FACTORY – “Share That Beat of Love”
A line from Mr. Jackson’s “Rock With You” looped into the Clivillés and Cole hit machine produces soulful, disco-flavored magic.

KORN & AGGRO1 – “Y’all Want a Bad Single”
Metal’s namesake for the harvest-day grain tangles with Mr. Jackson on the mean streets of MySpace!

DAVID BENOIT – “Never Can Say Goodbye”
Cool and sophistication by the Grammy-nominated pianist and composer.

An0iNt3d – “They Don’t Care About Us”
Hip-hoppers for the Lord impart a vigorous affirmation of spirituality.

CRESCENDO – “She’s Out of My Life”
A sweet, harmonic interlude from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

Headliners of 2009’s Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour deliver a fresh brand of punk-influenced rock.

VON YOUNG, aka SOULSTORM – “Human Nature”
The guitar-metal specialist takes a road less traveled on this cool and breezy detour.

(The Clivilles and Cole Radio Mix)
The architects of the C+C Music Factory add dance-floor delirium to this anthem of racial unity.

We glide into the horizon on vocals from Mr. Jackson’s big sister.

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