The Michael Jackson Music Experiment · The Skykeepers Network


Quietly, we launch the Skykeepers Network at 7:03 a.m. GMT, April 4, 2008.

We set sail with a simple yet unwavering mission: to serve God by embodying the virtues of the Skykeeper.

In due time, we will showcase a variety of projects for your consideration. The first on the docket, The Michael Jackson Music Experiment, will feature cover versions of Mr. Jackson’s songs performed in a broad range of musical styles. “Beat It” à la merengue? Swinging to “Billie Jean”? Stay tuned.

It seems awkward to pair a dispensable music spectacle with the business of serving God. However, no matter how clumsy the appearance, rest assured that the virtues of benevolence, divinity, faith, fortitude, lucidity, providence and purity will completely and unequivocally inform all undertakings of the Skykeepers Network.

I pray that the tiny seed we plant today in cyberspace will bloom into a divine and world-changing movement that honors both God and the audience whom we serve.

God bless,


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